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Award Winning Craft Gin

Brewstillery came together to create Mashed Up Craft Gin, the world’s first Craft Gin to be made entirely from the up-cycled mash of craft beer, distilled to produce a spirit the likes of which has never been experienced before and created with craft beer lovers and gin enthusiasts in mind.

Having independent judges taste and look at your product is an amazing and humbling compliment when receiving recognition. Let's go through some achievements Brewstillery’s Mashed Up Craft Gin got in a 2 year journey:

MicroLiquor Spirit Awards 2020
GOLD medal for Excellent Taste
GOLD medal for Excellent Package Design

The MicroLiquor Spirit Awards 2020 is a distilled spirits and mixers competition that recognizes excellence in brands from around the world. Every year it attracts several hundred distinct entries from around the world from established and emerging brands. Brewstillery is one of the excellent competitors who won 2 gold medals in this competition for both the gin and bottle design.

The World Gin Awards 2021
SILVER for the Gin’s Taste

The special taste of Furbrew Mashed Up Craft Gin won a silver medal in The World Gin Awards 2021. The competition only selects the very best gins in the internationally recognized gin styles and promotes the world’s best gins to consumers and trade across the globe.

San Fransisco World Spirit Competition 2021
SILVER medal for the Bottle Design
BRONZE medal for the Gin’s Taste

Winning an award at the San Fransisco World Spirit Competition 2021 is an impressive achievement for Brewstillery. That is a true testament to the quality of both the Mashed Up Craft Gin made from craft beer & the handmade recycled glass bottle.

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Sustainable, innovative & recycled!

Our Craft Gin is bottled in a masterfully crafted container.

Our Craft Gin is bottled in a masterfully crafted container | 09 / 11 / 2020


Mashed Up is very tasty in a Gin & Tonic and other cocktails, but also smooth enough to drink on the rocks.