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The vessels that contain Mashed Up Craft Gin are as masterfully crafted as the Gin itself and embody the spirit of sustainability on which Brewstillery is founded. Modelled from recycled beer bottles, each one is authentically hand-cast from a globe of molten glass in a design inspired by one of the oldest glass beer bottles in the world - round at the top, square at the bottom, and sealed with a classic flip-top lid.


Embossed on the front of the bottle is a single tear-shaped drop, symbolising the cooling vapour that drips slowly during the distillation process.The design is mirrored in each bottle’s label with an ornamental Vietnamese motif silhouetted against the transparent background and framed by the shape of a single drop. Paying homage to the artisanal ethos that guides Brewstillery, the bottle is as unique and characterful as its contents.

The ethos of upcycling and sustainability sits at the heart of BREWSTILLERY’s founding principles, driving the team in the decisions they make, and the actions they take. From up-cycled craft beer used to distill MASHED UP CRAFT GIN, to the recycled bottles that it's presented in, the sustainability-conscious team is forever exploring innovative ways to bring renewed value to discarded waste.

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Recycled shot & rock glasses