| 28 / 11 / 2023

Brewstillery gives beer new life

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The rise of craft beer is one of Vietnam’s most exciting, unstoppable trends in recent years. Vietnam has no shortage when it comes to finding quality, unique beers. But with the bar for quality set so high, some brews end up being rejected for not meeting the right marks. Furthermore, this year’s Covid19 and border closures greatly hindered exports, sales, leaving Vietnam with perhaps more extra beer than ever before. And beer, whether mass-produced or crafted locally in small batches, has a shelf-life of only four to six months. What do you do with all this unsold goodness?

Read all about how Brewstillery gives beer new life by making it into gin!

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Brewstillery gives new life to up-cycled craft beer mash, adding value through innovation, sustainability, and a creative craft twist.

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