The dark beer and chocolate in this riff on a classic Negroni really boost the orange notes in the Italian red bitter liqueur.

22ml Dark Beer Top Up
22ml Brewstillery’s Mashed-Up Gin
22ml Cinzano
15ml Campari
Dark Chocolate Glaze on ONE Big Ice Cube (or two ;-)

Made by Kohei Yamamoto

Our cocktails have been made with Japanese attention to detail by Kohei Yamamoto, veteran F&B cocktails expert from Tokyo, internationally notorious drinks-man. He has developed several bars across Asia.

Working with Brewstillery’s Mashed Up Gin was an extremely fun project for him. Because the gin is both local and made from local craft beer we chose to make the cocktails with local craft beer floats and top-offs, not beer-focused but using the local craft beer as perfume or as a flavour enhancer!